Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beef Brisket

I- 3-5 lb brisket
1 box lipton onion soup mix,
1 box lipton beefy mushroom soup,
11/2 to 2 cups of red cooking wine, or regular red wine.

Line 9x13 pan with aluminum foil with enough to enclose brisket. Pour 1/2 wine and 1 pouch each soup on aluminum foil in pan. Put brisket on top of this fat side up. Pour the rest of the wine on top of brisket and the other two packages of soup mix on top. Enclose in aluminum foil so liquid does not cook out. Bake on *350 for 3 hours. The gravy is great. Keep cut meat in gravy so it does not dry out.

***I have to admit, I am not a meat person....I don't like eating a lot of it and I am always scared to cook it....I have a huge fear of undercooking it, or overcooking it......BUT this was SUPER easy and really yummy!!! The brisket meat was a little tougher than I had imagined, so I'm not sure if I should have cooked it a little less OR if that is just how brisket is.....None the was fantastic! I plan on using the soup/wine flavoring on a roast very soon! That part was extremely good!! I got the recipe from one of my Bible Study leaders at church! Enjoy!

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  1. Girl, this looks so yummy! Maybe after I have this baby, I'll make it!