Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White Chocolate Popcorn

2 regular sized bags of popcorn
1 pack of white chocolate almond bark
Dessert sprinkles (optional)

Melt chocolate using a double boiler over high heat or in the microwave. While chocolate is melting, pop popcorn according to instructions. Lay out wax paper and pour popcorn out to cool; remove any remaining seeds. Place popcorn in a large bowl. (I had to use to big bowls for all my popcorn to fit). Once chocolate is completely melted, pour over popcorn in bowl, and using a spatula, stir; coating popcorn. Once popcorn is completely coated, pour onto wax paper to dry.

**For a little fun, add your choice of dessert sprinkles*** I used red and green crystals for Christmas!!

**This stuff will ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! You won't be able to stop eating it! Guaranteed!!! And it's so easy!! I am making it as Christmas treats for Macie's teachers and putting it in cute Christmas tins! I got the recipe from a sweet friend, Emily Wilson. Enjoy!

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