Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Tartlets

8-10 tartlet shells (mini pie shell crusts)
1 quart of strawberries
1 container of strawberry gel
Whipped topping (I used the new Cool Whip in the can)

Bake tartlets as directed on package. Allow tartlets to cool. Wash and cut up strawberries in desired size. Add strawberry gel to cut up strawberries and mix. Add strawberry mixture to tartlets. Top with Cool Whip and serve!

These little desserts are FANTASTIC! A perfect summer dessert and SO EASY!!! I did not use the entire container of strawberry gel, but really it's all up to preference on how much you use! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh and I got to taste these! They are delicious!! Thanks Faith for sharing the recipe!!